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>> stay with us. "news 4 today" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. ch new developments involving david petraeus' mistress. why paula broadwell is here in the district this morning. good morning, everyone. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. welcome this wednesday, november 14th, 2012. it is 5:00 a.m. 38 degrees out there. hope you didn't put your coat away in that closet. after some warm days, it is back to cold, cold, cold. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here to tell us about it. >> warm your hands by the glow of eun's red dress. looks like a nice warming trend here at least in the studio. but not outside. oh, when you step outside, it is cold. it is mostly clear. we've got temperatures around the region under this clear sky
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at or below freezing. all these areas in blue are below freezing. and that includes just about all of virginia, all of maryland, and even out in some of the highlands of west virginia. that little patch of lavender is in the upper teens there around canaan valley towards elkins, west virginia, at 29 degrees. reagan national, on the warmer waters of the potomac, it's at 36 and also a bit warmer around the bay, where temperatures are around 40 degrees. we do have a clear sky on tap the rest of the day. here's your storm team 4 hour by hour forecast for the day ahead. right around 30 degrees by 6:00, 7:00 this morning, below freezing. by noontime, mid-40s. bright and sunny during the afternoon with light breezes and near 50 degrees. i'm back in ten minutes with a hometown forecast. first 4 traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. checking on the roads in our area, things looking really good right now. yesterday was a tough commute. we'll see how today shapes up. so far, great start. traveling along bw parkway, nice
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and clear in maryland, as you make your way between the baltimore beltway and capital beltway. very light volume. a live look past 198 you can see in both directions, traveling northbound and southbound, issue free. southbound to the beltway, good news here. on the outer loop, as you approach new hampshire avenue. had road work set up. it was blocking two right lanes here. you are forced to the left. it's absolutely clear. and nice and clear as you make your way towards i-270. 5:02 now, the pentagon is standing by the top u.s. commander in afghanistan even as it investigates inappropriate e-mails he allegedly sent and received from a florida socialite. secretary of defense leon panetta is urging people not to jump to conclusions about general george allen. allen is accused of having questionable communications with jill kelley, a social liaison to a tampa air force base. it was kelley who reportedly
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received threatening e-mails from paula broadwell, who was having an affair with now former cia director david petraeus. that led to petraeus' resignation. and broadwell is apparently here in washington. she's been spotted at her brother in northwest d.c. a man who appeared to be her brother, steven krantz, left last night but did not speak to reporters. and someone found broadwell's driver's license in rock creek park on monday. leaders from the fda and the massachusetts department of health are expected to testify at a hearing in front of the house energy and commerce committee to determine how the meningitis outbreak started. a report shows the massachusetts pharmacy linked to that outbreak should have been shut down in 2002. the fda reports the pharmacy had multiple violations but stayed open on the promise that it would work harder to improve work conditions. nearly 440 people have gotten sick, and 32 people in 19 states have died from those tainted injections, including people in maryland and virginia. happening today, verizon
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will present plans to avoid a 911 system failure like the one that shut down the critical service last summer. two of the backup generators failed during the derecho. emergency procedures were not followed, and customers in fairfax county could not make 911 calls. verizon has worked to prevent a similar outage in the future. the council of governments will hear the recommendation this afternoon and finalize the report early next year. 5:04. you might want to start saving extra change for rides on the dulles toll road. the airport authority will vote today whether to hike tolls by more than $2 over the next three years. it would start with a raise to $2.75. then tolls would jump to $3.50 by 2014 and $4.50 by 2015. it is to fund the silver line to dulles. tolls are expected to account for half of the $5.5 billion
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price tag. and casino games getting ready for tables just a week after voting in question seven. maryland live is planning to bring in table games and announce when 24-hour gaming will begin. maryland live says the new table games will create another 1,200 jobs, and they plan to launch a free dealer training school, which will open in january. a man locked up for the death of a d.c. cab driver now faces new charges for the murder of a mother in waldorf. officers found david kadeer's body inside his burning cab last week. then a tip connected mebane to the death of teresa bass. she was shot to death while walking along a trail with her husband. the teen lived a half mile from the bass home. neighbors are shocked by the news of mebane's arrest. >> nothing like that has ever happened in all the years that i've been here.
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i don't know. i'm definitely at a loss right now. >> charles county detectives say forensic tests showed shell casings from the waldorf murder matched a gun found in mebane's home. the teen's girlfriend linda bury is also in jail on murder charges in the cab driver's death. former d.c. council chair kwame brown will be spending the next six months in his home. a d.c. judge sentenced him to six months of house arrest. he pled guilty yesterday to bank fraud. he admitted to lying about his income when applying for loans. brown apologized for his actions yesterday. he must also complete 480 hours of community service. former maryland state delegate tiffany alston may sue to get her seat back. she was convicted of stealing $800 from the assembly to play an employee at her private law firm. after sentencing, the prince george's county democrat was removed from office, which is required by the state constitution. but alston's lawyers argue she should still be allowed to serve because a judge reduced her
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sentence. the house speaker or governor will have a final say on whether she can return. >> angie goff is at the live desk with breaking news. >> good morning. a syrian war plane bombed a town on the turkish border. witnesses say the air force attacked rebel positions in the town of ross alain. sources loyal to president bashar al assad are trying to regape control of the area. since the attacks began, nearly 10,000 syrians have fled into turkey looking for safety. at least one person has died in the many booibombing over the l days. angie goff at the live desk. and a new reason to pour yourself a cup of coffee this morning.
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welcome back. one of the most valuable diamonds in the world has changed owners. this diamond is 76 carats and flawless. can you imagine? >> i don't know.
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>> can you imagine? it's the largest colorless diamond in the world. christie's auction house is not releasing the name of the buyer right now. whoever it is will also have to pay a hefty commission to christie's. 76 is not even going to fit on your finger. >> i wouldn't imagine. >> is that a diamond? is >> it's fake -- i don't know what it is. it looks just as good. you can't see it at home, but trust me. >> you're comparing that to a 76 carat flawless diamond. >> that's how much it matters to me. >> very pretty. >> 5:11 is our time. let's take a look at our forecast this morning. tom kierein has your weather and traffic on the ones. it is stone cold this morning. we are at or below freezing much of the region and hometown forecast. college park prince george's county around 7:00 around the freezing mark. then by the noon hour with bright sun into the mid-40s. here's the hour by hour forecast. light breezes, bright sun and a blue sky. highs reaching near 50 by midafternoon.
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a look at the rest of the week and the weekend in ten minutes. a look at traffic now with danella. good morning. >> good morning. still checking on our area, and let's talk about the dulles toll road. if you're traveling it, your travel lanes are open, very, very light volume now. i'll give you a light look as you make your way toward the beltway, nice and clear in both directions, no issues to report. connecting to the beltway from the dulles toll road to the interchange. inner loop and outer loop, a couple of work zones set up, and they are clear. >> thank you, danella. we continue to track breaking news out of the middle east 0 after a series of deadly attacks in iraq. >> also, be sure to
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welcome back at 5:15. new this morning, toyota recalls 2.77 million cars worldwide. it's recalling several hybrid models because of its pump and models. it includes the toyota corolla, wi wish and other models made last year. there have been no injuries or crashes due to this problem.
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last month toyota recalled cars due to power window issues. breaking news out of iraq, the death toll rising. 17 people dead after a series of car bombs exploded across the country. four bombs planted in cars exploded one after the other in kirkuk. another exploded in central baghdad. that killed one person and injured nine others. iraqi investigators believe insurgents targeted a military convoy. no one has claimed responsibility. a soldier accused of going on a rampage and killing 15 villagers could face the death penalty. he slipped away from his remote village in afghanistan and attacked people living in the kandahar province. the defense argued there is not enough evidence in this case. bales did not testify in the preliminary hearing. a three-star general will decide
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if a death penalty case can go forward. a new survey shows that most afghans believe their country is headed in the right direction but still worry about a lack of security from the 11-year war. most backed efforts to negotiate and reconcile with armed insurgent groups. only 30% sympathize with guerrillas. the international nonprofit group asia foupdation conducted the poll with more than 6,200 people across afghanistan. a small plane crashed killing two people in mississippi. that single engine plane crashed into a house in jackson, causing this huge fire. all three pilots on board died. the person inside that home escaped with minor injuries. investigators say the plane had just taken off from a nearby airport on its way to an faa safety conference. the pilot asked for permission to return to the airport shortly after takeoff but never made it back. investigators still aren't sure what caused an explosion that killed a couple in indianapolis. they believe gas fueled
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appliances may be involved. however, the woman who lived at the home at the epicenter said she replaced her furnace recently and it was fine. she also says she smelled a strange odor outside before the blast but doesn't know if it was natural gas. citizens energy group said the utility found in leaks in the neighborhood. charges of an inappropriate relationship against a sesame street puppeteer are now being dropped. elmo performer kevin clash was accused of having a sexual relationship with another man starting with the accuser was 16. but the law firm that represents the now 23-year-old released a statement saying the relationship was between cons t consenting adults. clash released his own statement saying he was relieved the allegation was put to rest. he did not say he'd return from a leave of absence he took when the allegation surfaced. and we're waiting to see if congressman jesse jackson jr. joins his fellow lawmakers in washington today. he left the mayo clinic for a second time but did not say where he was going.
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even his staff is keeping quiet about his whereabouts. the illinois democrat has been on leave since june. jackson is reportedly under federal investigation for his dealings with former illinois governor rod blagojevich. right now more than 10,000 people still without power in long island, and people are furious with the slow response. because of that, the head of the power company there is resign g resigning. michael hervey said he'll step down at the end of the year. hundreds of people protesting at the headquarters saying it's unacceptable for the power not to be on by now. governor cuomo slammed all the new york power companies but especially long island power because of their slow response time. senators from ten different states are asking for more federal aid money. senators from maryland and west virginia among others sent a letter to president obama
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suggesting he add more to emergency assistance programs. a mud slide has stranded people inside their homes near san francisco. a cast iron pipe attached to a water tank ruptured yesterday. it spent 40,000 gallons of water rushing out. crews are digging out cars from the mud. none of the mess got inside the home. the premature birth rate in america is the lowest it's been in a decade. a report from the march of dimes pound the preterm birth rate in 2011 was 11.7%. the birth rate peaked at 12.8% in 2006. a baby is considered preterm if he or she is born before the 37th week of pregnancy. according to the march of dimes, the decline is thanks to actions taken by health officials to address prenatal health. that morning cup of joe might just give you a brighter outlook on life. german researchers gave volunteers the caffeine equivalent of two cups of
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coffee. they were able to pick out positive words more quickly. the caffeine boost did not produce the same results when it came to negative words. the scientist in charge of study said this may be because caffeine stimulates the areas of the brain that control positivity. >> it's not that you're awake in a better mood. it changes. >> makes you more positive, happier. >> happier? i'm happy in general, and you are kind of. >> i drink a lot of coffee in the morning. >> 5:21. time for weather and traffic on the ones. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein now. hi, tom. >> good morning. it's not cold, it's invigorating. trying to put a positive spin on it. no, it's numbingly cold. right now around the region, much of our region is below freezing under a clear sky this morning. in fact, it's only in the upper 20s, near 30. including charles county, calvert, anne arundel, points
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farther west of the much of maryland is at or below freezing. that includes loudoun county, culpeper, rappahannock, shenandoah valley into the mountains. some locations in the 20s and upper teens in some of the highlands of west virginia. later today, storm team 4 four-day forecast bright and sunny, upper 40s to near 50 in the afternoon. that's about ten degrees colder than the average high. we're going to stay colder than average all the way through the week, into the weekend, and first part of next week. afternoon highs near 50 with the clouds coming and going. then on friday, highs only in the mid-50s. saturday, partly cloudy, into the low 50s after a freezing start. and then on sunday, we may begin to feel some of the effects of a coastal storm with some clouds coming in. right now the timing does look like if it comes close enough to the coast, we could get rain from that late sunday night into monday. we'll keep you posted. if the track changes, it will make a big difference in our weather. right now a look at our traffic on a wednesday morning with danella.
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good morning. >> good morning. first 4 traffic report right now. let's start with the rails. if you're traveling along metro, vre, no delays reported right now. camden south train 841, had a late start. five-minute delay on the marc line. not bad. over on the roadways, if you're traveling i-95 in virginia. we'll take a live look as you make your way northbound past the rest area. southbound as well, both directions, very light volume. clear as you continue northbound towards the interchange. in fact, no issues to report in this area. and i'm back in exactly ten minutes. aaron and eun, over to you. >> danella, thank you. another night, another loss for the washington wizards. the wiz dropped their sixth straight game last night, losing to the charlotte bobcats 92-76. washington actually led in the first quarter, but it was all downhill from there. trevor ariza led the team in scoring with 19 points, but he was the only wizard to reach double digits. the wizards travel to dallas to face the mavericks tonight. tip is at 8:30. >> the next time the nationals play the marlins, they'll be facing a dramatically different
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looking team. miami has agreed to trace five of its best players to the toronto blue jays. the five, including all-star short top jose reyes are assigned to say combined $40 million next year. marlins fans are furious, saying they gutted the team just one year after assigning several big name free agents. today we'll find out if national league pitcher gio gonzalez will win the cy young award. yesterday davey johnson was named national league manager of the year. he guided the team to the best record in baseball. >> i see this ss a nationals award. our whole team has done a great job, rizzo and staff. they've been outstanding. we had a great draft. young players stepped in when key players got hurt like michael morse and my catcher went down. we had a lot of young catchers come up, and everybody really produced. it was just a remarkable year.
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>> johnson won the award for the american league manager of the year when he was with the orioles. and on monday the nationals bryce harper was named rookie of the year. we need gio to get the cy young, and we'll have a clean sweep. >> despite how it ended up, the season was good. >> we had an amazing season. rockefeller center in new york city will soon look like christmas. >> an 80 foot tall norway spruce set to take its place. crews will remove the tree today. they cut it down yesterday in mt. olive, new jersey. that's a storm still recovering from superstorm sandy. the tree's owner said he was a little nervous that sandy had damaged the tree. but crews bundled it up with no problems. the 80th annual tree lighting ceremony scheduled to happen in two weeks. >> they draw a big crowd at rockefeller plaza. >> 'tis the season. >> i've got to get ready.
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coming up, what u.s. leaders are saying about the top commander in afghanistan and his role in the petraeus scandal.
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looking at the stories making headlines, right now at 5:29, the mistress of david petraeus spotted in the district after the scandal grows this morning. and the spotlight on capitol hill this morning as a new report shows a pharmacy at the center of the meningitis outbreak should have been shut down a decade ago. and drivers will now know how much it will cost to use the dulles toll road. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome back to "news 4 today" on this wednesday, november 14th. we'll learn more about virginia's plan to handle any snow that comes our way this wint winter. the department of transportation introducing new equipment they have at their disposal in northern virginia. they will also go over the area's snow removal plan and budget. >> hard to think about snow, but it certainly feels like it could
5:30 am
snow out there this morning. it's so cold. >> i've been wearing my winter coat now, i've named it. my best friend now. >> what's it called? >> kidding. >> work k. wow in there somewhere. >> we'll bring that up when we get some snow, but not this morning. it is down near or below freezing in most of the region. look at the mountains, it's in the teens in many locations from canaan valley and west virginia and elkins. closer to washington, all the areas of lighter blue are right near or below freezing. that's all of virginia and maryland except right on the bay waters and the tidal potomac where reagan national is. we're under a clear sky, thanks to the high pressure that's over us. a big area of high pressure that's going to be giving us this cold, dry weather here for the morning hours. hour by hour today still near freezing with the sun up. we'll have bright sparkling sun
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and a clear sky with invigorating temperatures. it will be chilly by noontime. the mid-40s by lunch hour. by 3:00 p.m., upper 40s, maybe briefly near 50. by late afternoon after sunset, right back down into the low 40s. sunrise 6:50. sunset 4:55. i'll return with a hometown forecast in ten minutes. first 4 traffic with danella. >> good morning. thanks, tom. over to the roadways, traveling d.c. 295 at eastern avenue as you make your way southbound, only the left lane will get you by. road work still in place in that area. i am seeing a little yellow guy go by. that means you are slow as you approach the work zone in that area. just be aware of that. let's head over to 50 in maryland. as you travel to annapolis and make your way on the beltway in both directions. as you continue on 50. traffic getting by without any issue, inbound and outbound, nice and clear. aaron, over to you. >> thank you, danella. today the cia and fbi will brief several congressional l d
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leaders on the growing scandal that cost david petraeus his job as the cia leader. nbc's tracie potts is live on capitol hill. >> reporter: good morning. this morning we're waiting on a statement from general allen. it was supposed to happen last night. it did not come. those fbi and cia briefings scheduled for today as they look into the nature of the e-mails between general allen and jill kelley, the tampa socialite who started the initial fbi investigation. those e-mails, 20,000 to 30,000 pages of them, we're told by a senior military official, were in no way explicit or suggestive, but they might be considered unprofessional or flirtatious, using words like sweetheart and dear. allen has denied any wrongdoing. this morning his boss leon panetta said don't leap to conclusions yet. we put off his confirmation hearing just to be prudent, but
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don't jump to conclusions until all the facts are determined. meantime, let's talk about general david petraeus, who stepped down as cia director. it turns out his former mistress, paula broadwell, as you mentioned, may be here in the d.c. area with her brother. petraeus may still have to come to capitol hill to testify on benghazi. turns out he'd done a recent investigation. while his successor is scheduled to testify in those hearings starting today, several lawmakers are saying they want to hear from petraeus. aaron? >> tracie potts on capitol hill, thank you. congressional leaders are vowing to work together to avoid the so-called fiscal cliff. lawmakers return to washington yesterday. reaching a budget deal is their top priority. they must come to an agreement by the end of the year to avoid steep tax hikes and spending cuts. republicans may be under the most pressure to get a deal done. a new pew research poll seds that 53% of americans would blame the congressional republicans if we fall off the fiscal cliff.
5:34 am
29% believe president obama would be at fault. and 10% would blame both. president obama will hold a news conference today, his first since winning re-election last week. he'll talk about the fiscal cliff and likely be pushed to comment on the petraeus scandal. that news conference scheduled to start at 1:30ed too. nancy pelosi expected to have a press conference today as well. she will announce whether she'll try to hold on to her position as leader of the democratic minority. maryland's chris van holland is on the short list if pelosi did not decide to run again, but he is on record saying he bleebeli she will run again for that position. this morning an international effort to keep your cell phone out of the hands of thieves. both mexican and european cell providers will not activate a stolen phone. that's at the request of the federal communications
5:35 am
commission. the theft of cell phones has jumped 64% since 2007. crews are repaving pennsylvania avenue to get ready for the inauguration on january 21st. while that project is under way, cyclists and drivers will have to share a stretch of pennsylvania between 3rd and 14th streets northwest. ddot says most of the paving will happen overnight. it should take about ten days to complete. start saving your change. rates on the dulles toll road will take place over three years. they'll vote on a rate hike that will start with a 50 cent raise next year to $2.75. tolls would jump to $3.50 by 2014 and $4.50 by 2015. it's primarily to fund themetro silver line to dulles. 5:35 now. 37 degrees. still to come, new charges for a teenager accused of killing a
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cab driver in the district. plus a look at where people had the best view of this perfect solar eclipse.
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for about two minutes the morning daylight turned to darkness. some scientists actually went to australia to see this and study the effects it would have on wildlife. the next solar eclipse will happen in 2015. >> so cool. that happens for re. i don't know why i'm surprised by that. >> let's check the forecast. it's cold out there. tom kierein with the forecast. good morning. >> good morning. i was watching the solar eclipse stream live online from australia. quite an amazing sight to see. the moon passing directly in front of the sun and we get this totality. wonderful. here this morning, we're in the earth's shadow. it's dark and cold under a clear
5:40 am
sky. we've got the autumn constellations bright in the clear sky. jupiter is in the western sky along with offerorion. hometown forecast, burke, virginia, sun will be up at 8:00 a.m., in the 40s then. not much warmer in the afternoon. hour by hour, we'll be having a lighter breeze than yesterday, bright sun. temperatures peaking in the upper 40s by midafternoon. how much longer will the chill remain? details on that as we look toward the rest of the week, weekend into next week. danella, good morning. how's traffic? >> good morning, tom. watching delays along i-270. as you make your way southbound out of frederick, very slow. and continuing southbound through urbana. clarksburg, not too bad in that area. in germantown, nice and clear. i'll give you a live look as you make your way toward rockville. traveling southbound and northbound, nice and clear. southbound to the beltway, no
5:41 am
issues. a live look at the beltway from i-270 to i-95, nice travel speed. that drive will take you just ten minutes. 5:41 is our time right now. it's the facebook page you may not even know you have. the latest addition to the social media website that's causing an uproar.
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we have received reports of a shooting in a parking lot at a walmart in laurel. news 4's tony tull is live at details. >> reporter: 295 and 198 in laurel is where this walmart is located. anne arundel county police did respond to a shooting inside this walmart. that's all the information we're getting right now. this crime scene still very, very fresh. take a look right now. you can still see police going in and out of the front door. the crime scene very big. they actually blocked off the entire parking lot. not quite sure what they're looking for. we've seen police officers looking inside some cars, and we've seen officers going in and outside of the walmart. we did see officers talking to three people outside. not quite sure how they're involved. there are some witnesses to what happened here. 198 and 295, this is where this walmart is in laurel.
5:45 am
anne arundel county police responding to a shooting inside of walmart. not quite sure how many people have been injured at this time. eun and aaron, we'll continue to stay on this story all morning long, and we'll check back in with you guys in just a few minutes. >> that's a big intersection. having any impact on traffic right now? >> not right now. anne arundel police have the entrances blocked off, but the surrounding roads are open. if we get any blockblockages, w certainly let you know. this morning police say a 17-year-old is locked up, connected to the death of a taxicab driver and a mother's murder in waldorf. police first arrested joshua mebane in the shooting death of mohammed kadeer. then they got a tip that he shot a couple walking along a trail last month. teresa bass died from her injuries. neighbors are helping her husband jerry bass recover from his injuries. >> just dressing his wounds, and we're just kind of pulling
5:46 am
together as a community to heal. >> charles county detectives say forensics tests show shell casings from the waldorf murder scene match a gun found in mebane's home. the teen's girlfriend linda bury is also in jail on murder charges in the cab driver's death. attorneys are using self-defense as a motive to defend a bowie state university student on trial for murder. alexis simpson is accused of stabbing her roommate dominique frazier to death last year. the two were fighting over loud music. attorneys say their client was a victim of bullying. well before the fight, simpson requested a new roommate because she was afraid, but dorm managers denied that request. in court frazier's friends testify that simpson was the aggressor, but during cross-examination, they say frazier also had a knife. a triple shooting at a d.c. gas station. someone opened fire inside the bp on benning road on east capitol northeast. two men and a woman were hit. d.c. police are investigating what led up to that violence. today government leaders in
5:47 am
our area will get their first look at recommendations to keep 911 service active during a storm. this afternoon consultants will unveil their draft report to the council of government. that comes after june's derecho knocked out phone service. the company helped draft the plan which includes actions to prevent disrupted service in the future. the council of governments will then review the report, and the board is expected to finalize recommendations early next year. maryland's largest casino is ready to bring in table games. today maryland live will unveil its new layout which will include 125 table games. owner david cordish will go over the redesign and announce will table gaming will begin. they say it will create 1,200 jobs. they also plan to announce a new dealer training school which will open in january. plans for a new homeless shelter in arlington. the facility would be on 14th street across from county
5:48 am
offices. opponents want the county to ban drug users, sex offenders, or other criminals at the shelter and provide 24/7 security. others argue the current shelter a block away has operated for years with few problems. the county council will vote on the plan saturday. if it approves the purchase, the council will schedule public meetings to hear concerns. and janitors at walter reed medical center say they're still waiting for their paycheck. some protested outside the bethesda facility yesterday. they say the company that contracts them hasn't paid since last month. the janitors want the government to pay them instead of going through a contractor. they also said, despite the protest, they probably won't strike out of concern for the patients. with he expect a big announcement from a former state senator, virginia state senator today. jean marie davis is expected to declare she's running for lieutenant governor next year. that announcement will happen in richmond at 10:30. she's already created a website called jean marie 4
5:49 am
she's married to former congressman tom davis. and most recently served as virginia liaison's office in d.c. a health care organization will ask to increase maryland's tobacco tax. the maryland health care for all coalition is calling for a $1 increase in 2007. the legislature doubled the state's tobacco tax from $1 to $2. earlier this year, lawmakers voted in favor of tax increases on tobacco products other than cigarettes. many anti-smoking groups believe that raising the price of tobacco products will deter smoking, especially in teens. a controversial plan to redeploy d.c. ambulances based on the time of day is one step closer to becoming a reality. fire chief kenneth ellerbe formally announced that plan yesterday. it would have fewer ambulances in service between 1:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. ellerbe says that plan is to deal with the ever growing population of the district. it could cause major problems and jeopardize lives.
5:50 am
the d.c. council would have to approve changes before it would take effect. katie ledecky is winning olympic gold, but now she's competing on home turf. ledecky swam in her first high school meet since london last month. the teen swims for stone ridge in the sacred heart of bethesda. she won the 200 individual medley. even though the crowd was a bit smaller than london and the stakes a little lower, ledecky said she's happy to be home. >> it's good to be here with my teammates, my friends, my supporters. it's a great feeling and a lot of fun. >> ledecky also promoted a coat drive to get warm coats for catholic charities. another olympic gold medalist will be in town. gymnast micayla maroney will be in town as part of the mcdonald's tour of champions which comes to the verizon. she won team gold in london and
5:51 am
a silver for vault. other members, gabby douglas, jordan weber will perform tomorrow night as well. >> all those photos popped up with the face she was making with her arms crossed. >> wonder if she'll do that when she signs autographs. >> i doubt that. >> 5:51 is the time. tom is back with us talking about the need for gloves and scarfs and hats. >> you're going to have that look on your face when you step out the door. it is cold this morning. your best friend is going to be your winter coat. i just posted a photo of mine on facebook and twitter, and i'm open to suggestions for naming it because i've been wearing it so much it's become my best friend. there is capitol hill under a clear sky. 36 at reagan national. that's one of the warm spots because it's right there on the warmer waters of the potomac. a light northerly wind right now. it actually feels a little colder with that wind around 5 to 10 miles an hour. we've got a clear sky over
5:52 am
washington, over virginia, maryland, and on the eastern shore. few clouds along the virginia border. back down into the teens now out of the mountains, and locally right around washington and across the bay on the eastern shore away from the waters. it's below freezing there. but right on the waters it's generally in the upper 30s to around 40 degrees. morning commute, you'll need the winter coat by 7:00 a.m. clear, cold, light breeze. low to mid-30s with bright sparkling sun and a blue sky today for your lunch hour. it will be chilly still. low to mid-40s with a northeasterly breeze around 5 to 15. it's going to feel colder than that with that wind a bit blustery. that wind will settle down tonight as we see a lot of cloudiness moving in as the disturbance passes to our south. we'll have clouds in and out on thursday. another chillier than average day. average high this time of year is 59. tomorrow's high only upper 40s
5:53 am
to around 50 again with a near freezing start to the morning. on friday, partly cloudy. 30s in the morning. afternoon highs mid-50s. a look at the weekend. on saturday and sunday, cold mornings and chilly afternoons. partly cloudy saturday. increasing clouds sunday. still an indication we might get a coastal storm that could bring some rain our way. depending on close it tracks to the coast, there's a possibility of that perhaps late on sunday into monday is the way it looks right now. if it comes farther west, we could get rain and wind. i'll be back in ten minutes with another update. a look at traffic with danella. good morning. >> good morning. in the first 4 traffic office right now, receiving report of an accident. this is along prince william parkway at rowington road. we'll check things out. i'm back in ten minutes with an update. for now let's head over to i-95 and talk about delays and a
5:54 am
disabled bus. first delays. northbound out of stafford, slow as you make your way all the way northbound to 234, dumfries road. sluggish in that area. past that area, it's not bad. volume is increasing, but you're getting by. let's talk about the hov lanes at route 123 as you make your way northbound at i-95, a disabled bus in the left shoulder lane here. travel lanes are open, but just be aware of that as you make your commute. back in ten minutes with a live look from chopper 4. aaron, over to you. >> thank you, danella. you may soon be able to get through security faster at dwi airport. announcing their precheck program. it allows certain travelers on certain airlines to move through security more quickly. it also allows you to keep your shoes on, wear a jacket, and leave your laptop in your bag. at bwi, u.s. air, delta, and united passengers eligible to participate. all eyes on facebook stock today because 770 million shares will be unlocked and available
5:55 am
for sale. those will be added to the 1.3 billion shares already on the market. facebook went public in may at $30 a share and is trading this morning at $20 a share. facebook is also facing criticism for creating new profile pages for people in relationships. the new couples pages has photos and conversations between two people. users are not happy over this latest change, calling it a true invasion of privacy. what makes it even worse, users cannot opt out of the new pages. why wouldn't facebook allow you to opt out? is >> the weird thing is you won't even see it. unless you're looking at someone else's account, you wouldn't see it's combining your postings and photos. it's kind of creepy. >> couples share intimate things. you don't want that all out there on facebook. >> is 5:55 is our time. when it comes to not plaiplanni futures, no generation is the same.
5:56 am
cnbc's shartia brantley shows why financial planning has many families at odds. >> many go, aaron. ies may be talking about more than just football and turkey at the family thanksgiving dinner table this year. they may also discuss their financial situation. a new survey from fidelity out today finds many families are at odds over their financial planning. and here's some of the key findings. a quarter of adult children expect they'll have to help their parents out at some point, but 97% of parents say they don't expect to need any help. nearly all parents and grown children disagree on whether a child will take care of their parent if they become ill. the survey also finds adult children underestimate the value of their parents' estate by $100,000. that's partly because few families have discussed the details of how much money will be passed down through an inheritance. we know that money and health can be two very tough topics to
5:57 am
discuss with your family. >> shartia brantley at cnbc, thank you. a panda cub at the san diego zoo finally has a name. >> in an elaborate ceremony, zoo leaders unveiled the name of their newborn cub, xiao liwu. they waited until the panda is 100 days old to name it following chinese tradition. it means little gift. very cute, xiao liwu. cute name? >> i'll probably just say little gift. ahead at 6:15, why apple may be about to rain on your parade if you just bought a new iphone. uh-oh.
5:58 am
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